Krummernes Jul ep 1-12 w/English subtitles

“Krummernes Jul” is a Danish Television Advent Calendar from 1996.
An Advent Calendar has 24 episodes; one for each day of December until Christmas Eve. This is episodes 1-12. English subtitles are in the captions.

Ep.1 – 0:00:00-0:21:29
Ep.2 – 0:21:30-0:42:23
Ep.3 – 0:42:25-1:00:25
Ep.4 – 1:00:26-1:17:03
Ep.5 – 1:17:04-1:36:46
Ep.6 – 1:36:47-1:49:22
Ep.7 – 1:49:23-2:03:34
Ep.8 – 2:03:35-2:09:29
Ep.9 – 2:09:30- 2:24:01
Ep.10 – 2:24:01-2:39:27
Ep.11 -2:39:28-2:45:52
Ep.12 – 2:45:53-2:59:57

Story:Krummerne is not an ordinary family, and this Christmas won’t be ordinary either.
Krumme is a boy who still believes in Santa Claus. Every night the family sends little brother Grunk’s letters out of the window to Santa Claus with a magical poem. Grunk’s letters are the only ones that Santa Claus receives though, so the Christmas Spirit stays away. This is dangerous because without the Christmas Spirit, Santa Claus and his family will be turned into grey stable elfs. So Krumme has a lot to do if he wants to help Santa Claus and save Christmas before it’s too late.

The English subtitles are done by me. Not every single word has been subbed, and the songs and verse have mostly been subbed so that they fit into English. I admit, that there are places where it has been subbed literally because I couldn’t make the rhymes or stanzas fit since the words are too long in English as opposed to Danish.

No copyright infringement intended. I just wanted to give non-Danish speakers an opportunity to see what kind of programmes ‘all’ children watch every year in Denmark.

Watch Krummernes Jul ep.13-24 (end) w/English subtitles:

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