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<p>Written by Odd Nordstoga. The title means "The Days". Live at the Christmas concert in Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway, Nov. 28, 2009. With the symphony orchestra Trondheimsolistene and a band consisting of Rune Arnesen, Gjermund Silset, Per Kolstad, Skjalg Raaen and Daniel Sandén-Warg. The song is released on Odd Nordstoga’s album "Heim te mor" (2006). More from the same concert here on YouTube: www.youtube.com My amateur translation of the lyrics: The Days Once the caresses came all by themselves And each day was filled with silver For you gilded each moment with a free mind And dazzled I joined your journey Days like sand flow from our hands If you doubt, then feel One like the other goes with the wind And the time we have goes there Promise that you’ll stay with me all your days Yes, we made that promise together So I gave you a ring, it was easily done Then that day too sneaks quietly away So far away So far away Like the wind can chase the blue waves There will I follow you, my friend There will we find them again And outside sneaks the devil and separates you from me And if we had known, we would have taken off And I’d have carried you on my arm through forest and over mountain And you’d have held my hand through gorge and dark ravine And I’d have reached out for you And you’d have reached out for me So far away So far away So far as the sun can follow the blue waves There will I follow you, my friend There will we find them again
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